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Latex Gloves

Information on Latex Gloves

Natural Rubber Latex has been the material of choices for medical gloves for the past 30 years. It provides a comfortable, fitting glove that can be used for a wide range of task. However latex is not suitable for task involving most commercial, industrial and household chemicals. In addition, the natural rubber latex proteins have been found to cause Type I allergic reactions in certain individuals.

Our powder-free latex gloves are constructed with remarkable elasticity and durability so they provide a great deal of flexibility. They can be worn with ease for long periods of time while incurring minimal hand fatigue. Our powder-free latex gloves are textured to provide a better grip on instruments and they are polymer-coated on the inside to make donning easier. They provide an effective barrier against potentially infectious materials and they are also resistant to many different types of chemicals which make them ideal for use in high risk or heavy duty situations. Overall their extraordinary construction provides superior protection and comfort to the user. Our powder-free latex exam gloves are the top choice among our professional healthcare customers and also a variety of other non-medical professionals.

Why Choose Latex?

  • For task or situation that do not involve individuals with natural rubber latex allergies
  • For all medical or dental exam uses
  • For task that exceed 30 minutes

Item Details

  • Natural Rubber Latex
  • Available in Powder-Free or Lightly Powdered
  • Powder-Free is Textured for a Superior Grip
  • Thickness/Weight: 5mil/5g
  • Available in Sizes: XS-XL (Phantom is N/A in XS)
  • 100 gloves per box – (XL 90 gloves)
  • 20 Boxes per case (Phantom Black Latex 10 boxes per case)

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